The town of Eretria is located 24km south of the capital town of Chalkida, and is a very popular holiday destination on the island of Evia. Our frequent ferry service from Oropos makes it a very easy location to reach, and you can enjoy visiting this charming town any time of the year.

There is lots of historical importance to Eretria, with it being a very important city-state back in the 5th and 6th century. Visitors will be able to visit the Archaeological Museum which has a range of exhibits from an impressive archaeological site that was discovered in the northern part of the town in the 19th century.

In addition to the Archaeological Museum and site are other very interesting places that are well worth visiting such as the "House of the Mosaics", the Ancient Theatre and the Tomb of Eros.

For those who simply want to unwind and relax, you will find a great selection of beaches all around the coast of the town, many of which are ideal for swimming or other watersports such as kitesurfing, which is very popular in this part of Evia.

Along the coast of the town you'll find a number of local taveras and cafe bars where you enjoy something to eat or drink. There are lots of places serving fresh fish and seafood, as well as some traditional recipes and dishes. If you are planning on staying in Eretria then there are a range of different hotels and other facilities offering accommodation such as apartments and studios. You will easily be able to find something that caters to your requirements.

Eretria is a lovely part of Evia to visit, and also makes a great base from which you can head off and explore some of the other beautiful surrounding areas such as Magoula and Amarynthos on the coast or Gimno and Ano Vathia on the mountains. This part of Evia is very picturesque, especially during the spring, but is ideal for visiting any time of the year. And with our frequent ferry services to Eretria from Oropos, you can head across to Evia any time you desire.

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